Elements In Wellness

Chiropractic Care

 With around 35 million Americans annually receive care the popularity and safety of chiropractic is undeniable. Most people believe we only treat neck and back pain, but it is a system of care that addresses your nervous system to restore normal function and improve the mechanical aspects of your muscles and joints. Through the well trained expert care of a chiropractic doctor many of your health concerns can be addressed. 

From auto accidents, aches and pains, nerve pain and degenerative diseases a doctor of Chiropractic may utilize different techniques from adjustments and physiotherapy like ultrasound, lasers, and other electro therapies to blood testing and many diagnostics to help achieve the desired results and improve health. Many chiropractors work hand in hand with other practitioners like medical doctors, physical therapists and orthopedists to name a few. Also, we may work with many diseases, pains and conditions we strive to be the patients preventive health care primary provider. 

As in the case with the dentistry, you understand that taking care of what you have by checkups and preventive care is the true nature of healthcare and unlike sick care, we don’t want you to wait till you are seriously hurting or degenerated with something that could be easily and inexpensively avoided. It has been estimated that a majority of spinal surgeries could be avoided with preventive therapies such as chiropractic.