Elements In Wellness

Dr. Chett Mallett, D.C.

Dr. Chett Mallett has developed and expanded this practice to encompass all aspects of health. His experiences and studies has led to a development of a process of healing and wellness that is truly innovative and unique.  


His goal is to naturally return your body to homeostasis and find the cause of your distress, diagnose and treat symptoms.


His ‘Elements in Wellness’ will help enhance your body’s own recuperative abilities to help you achieve wellness. He has a few choice mottos, one being: “It’s not what your body is doing TO you, but what is it doing FOR you;” which changes the thought process on wellness, by asking different questions to achieve healthy results.


The elements include chiropractic adjustments and treatments with highly-respected, Dr. Chett Mallett at the helm, state-of-the-art diagnostics (includes micronutrient to bioresonance testing), unique PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies) therapies and tailored pharmaceutical grade supplement protocols designed especially for you; from only hand-selected suppliers. The grouping of elements is to ease your transition to health and sustain it for years to come.

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